Utah State championship Series #4 – Draper, UT 50 Miler

Sometimes I think that I am one card short of a full deck. What IS normal about being in Texas all week for work along with not having trained over the 2 hour mark all but a handful of times since my husband’s diagnosis with Renal Cell Carcinoma 10 months ago then getting home late at night, frantically packing to race, going to bed late and waking up 6 hours later ….all to race 50 miles on my mountain bike?

Absolutely positively NOTHING is normal about that. Welcome to my world.

Apparently this is the way I roll these days and that is ok so long as I am not forcing myself to do something. I feel like if that is what my mind and body want to do then I should!! I kind of couldn’t believe that I wanted to do this but the bottom line was that I had been in Texas all week and was lucky to get in a run on the treadmill at the hotel meaning I had some serious pent up energy to get out!!!! This all became real apparent as I flew in the door at home on Friday night and started throwing stuff all around, pumping up my Kenda tires, making drop bags, assembling Gu2O in bottles, etc. My husband thought I was a nut but he always stands by my decisions and knows the bike makes me HAPPY.

Early that next morning I was ill prepared at best and was banking on my past races at this venue to hold me steady. But the bottom line was that I hadn’t checkout out the course, hadn’t registered, didn’t know where the feeds were, had no idea what I thought would sound good to eat mid race when I was likely to be gagging at the thought of eating anyway and I was just plain winging it. And you know what? That part didn’t matter because I was just looking forward to riding my bike on some of the best singletrack in the area down in Corner Canyon!!

I think I warmed up by riding to the start line and then the race started moments later! I felt like gunning it right off the bat because I went nutty for the first bit going as fast as my airplane legs could go. I was trying to drill the first part of the race to maybe prepare some for the upcoming cyclocross season. Not sure if that is going to work or not but since this is the only intensity I am getting these days I am going with it.

The other pro women gave me a run for my money and kept me on my toes but I still somehow had a few matches to burn for that first 30-40 minutes. It was fun! On the way up sitting in 2nd I maintained a good pace and was able to close the gap back on the downhill toward the first feed. At that point I started slacking on uphill and got passed but again but was able to make up time once we hit the bottom area midway through lap 1 (of 2). I even had a little in me at that point to get ahead and back in the lead but that is all she wrote. Especially at mile 35 when I had a little mini self implosion when I knew that the pace I was going was…..going to be the pace I was going. There was no more or less to give. Ugh. I seemingly went backwards the rest of the day to come in 4th. Not my best but it wasn’t about that. It was about DOING it and getting out there on awesome singletrack. Nothing like getting 47 miles in 4.5 hours along with climbing 5900 feet in before noon on a Saturday…..and making some $$$ too!

As always I want to thank Stan’s NoTubes, Cannondale, Alpine Orthopaedics, Elete Electrolytes, Kenda, Adidas eyewear, Verge, Ergon, Fi’zi:k, Gu energy labs, Lazer helmets, Jet Black trainers, crankbrothers, Light & Motion, Pro Gold lubricants, Genuine Innovations and showers pass for the opportunity to compete and to represent them all!!!

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