Utah State Championship Series #2 – Park City, UT

A win??? The body is so weird sometimes. Or maybe that win came from my nonchalant approach to racing these days??? I wish I wasn’t so non-chalant because that is not my personality but I kind of have to be as I settle in to my “new normal”. It’s hard to let go of the regimented EVERYTHING but I must and I am.

To think that an hour and a half before my race I didn’t even know for sure if I was racing! At that time I was comfortably sitting on the beach at Deer Creek Reservoir in Utah watching my husband compete in Kiteboarding at the Utah Summer Games. It was so fun to see him out there in his element doing what he does best….loving life and kicking tail. He even got two medals coming in FIRST in the Big Air Competition and SECOND in the Course Race! Pretty darn cool. He is SOOOO my hero especially when two days prior we were given an “inconclusive” test result back from the Huntsman Cancer Institute. It certainly took a hit on both of us but I guess we are the kind that bounce back. I feel like I have been “bouncing back” a lot these last few years (sigh). And, now we wait for 5 more weeks to find of what we are (or aren’t!!) dealing with.

So needless to say, I was pretty comfortable on the beach in the warm breeze and hot sun watching my hubby on the water enjoying himself and seeing him medal. But I really knew I needed to make a decision whether to race or not….and soon! I was just waiting for the right time to leave (which really should have been an hour prior!) and while in hot pursuit of looking for “that moment” that would help me make my decision, Chris got out of the water to fix his kite. Yep….the universe was speaking to me. It was time for me to boogie and go race in my own race!!!

Seeing what time it was I would be lucky to make it to the start line fully ready to go!!. Nice Kathy.

Changing into my gear and stuffing my pockets with my GU2O gel packets while driving to the race was a part of the madness. I was late! I got to the venue and remembered my bike needed to get a tune up (lovely). So I decided to scrap the idea of a pre-race warm up and get my bike worked on and then if there was still time…..to throw some $$ at the race organizers and THEN see if I actually could make the start. I figured if I didn’t get to race at least my $$ went to a good cause….and my bike would be ready to rumble for the next race weekend.

Thanks to TWITCHY at Revolution Bicycles who was on hand at the race site I got my bike tuned and IT (read: NOT ME) was ready to go. Oh what to do with the whole 15 minutes I had until the start? Oh yeah, maybe I should register…

By the time I squeaked myself onto the start line the only warm up I had was the 6 minutes pedaling around to get my bike tuned and register. Oh well. There I was on the start line ready to see what I could pull out of my box of tricks now. I was even making fun of myself on the line with all the ladies (and do I feel silly in hindsight about that now!!). But I really thought for sure that I would be off the back considering my poor timing along, not warming up and only riding one day this week.

When we started the races I really couldn’t believe my legs – in a GOOD way! It was pretty cool to have my legs follow what my head wanted to do. The body is so weird sometimes. I sat on wheels really wondering when my legs were going to say enough is enough but they just plain ole felt GREAT. What the heck!?

I was in the front group and put in an attack on one of the first steep hills which was countered and I did it again about 10 minutes later right before the singletrack dh. It seemed to stick and I was now first going into the descent. It was at that moment I told myself you can do this and you have to GO now. No lolly gagging sister!! I went as hard as my untrained legs could go on the next uphill and could see my chasers right there. I didn’t let off. As we made our way up further they were even closer and once at the downhill section I decided to let go of the brakes and drill the dh to really get a good gap.

As I came through the start/finish/feed zone I was attacked by the gal in second when I pulled over and slowed down to grab my water bottle off the table (I didn’t have time to ask someone to feed me nor did I think that it would even matter!!!!). Again, I sat on the wheel in front of me, regained some breath and re-attacked when I was ready. It stuck until we hit an uphill section when Evelyn wanted it bad and passed me putting in good distance between us. Not letting up I closed the gap prior to the downhill and attacked HARD yet again getting a gap that I was able to keep for the remainder of the lap. I took it around in first place to the start/finish again starting in on my 3rd lap when I saw my hubby who had come out to cheer for me!!! That gave me the fuel I needed to really distance myself from everyone on the last lap and I crossed the line in 1st! What a day for the Sherwin’s coming away with 2 wins in two different sports!!!!

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