USCS #1 – Alpine, UT

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April 28, 2012
USCS #1 – Alpine, UT
MTB Cross Country

Ok, that hurt. No, I am not kidding. THAT HURT. From the first pedal stroke while warming up for the USCS race I think I wanted to crawl under a rock. Granted, sometimes you feel like that and can have the best race ever and sometimes…..well….not so much. And, you never know until you go!

This was the first race of a four race series with a GREAT payout. We are so grateful for the opportunity to enter these races for $25 and have the chance to take home WAY more than that on a local level. The race promoters do a great job and are very organized too – things we all like to see and are happy to support!! This is a second year series and their growth in numbers and support by racers is already very obvious!

So the race…… yeah. Really not much to report there except that I was chasing from the get go, suffering feverishly on the uphills to stay in contention for anything but last place and flowing on the downhills enjoying each minute of the swooping singletrack. It was a hard fought race but I am convinced my new Cannondale Flash 29er saved the day each time we hit the rocky sections. That 90 mm of travel goes a long way!!! Since this was the first time at race pace on my new bike I found myself bracing for the rocks when I didn’t have to at all! It was amazing feeling to have the rocks disappear below your fork while not jarring you over the bars. Despite a rougher course and an untrained body I came away with no soreness issues. Amazing!

Like I mentioned, it was a good but painful time out on the bike as I suffered through the hollow and empty feeling I had while tasting blood for the 1hr and 15minute race. Suffering at its finest!! I am lucky that I am stubborn and dug to wherever I can dig these days to cross the line a minute behind first place in 2nd!

I must thank Stan’s NoTubes, Cannondale, Alpine Orthopaedics, Elete Electrolytes, Kenda, Adidas eyewear, Verge, Ergon, Fi’zi:k, Gu energy labs, Lazer helmets, Jet Black trainers, crankbrothers, Light & Motion, Pro Gold lubricants, Genuine Innovations and showers pass for the opportunity to compete and represent these outstanding companies!!

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