Recipe for Cooking: Salida, Iron Horse, Teva- race hard, add high altitude and Bam!

I have had some good races over the last month, feeling fit and trying my best. Being near the age of 45 has its drawbacks, I’m finding. It seems that only so much recovery can happen between races, even with rest and diligence. Sometimes there’s just no blood left in the stone. At least that’s how I felt at Teva, after having solid rides at Riverside Rampage and Iron Horse Bicycle Classic. Hard to know sometimes whether to cast blame on age. Bike racing is taxing by nature and necessitates good energy management.


Racing for Queen of the Mountain (combined road and mountain events) at home in Durango, on the podium and in the money!

A star studded appearance by Jeannie Longo in the IHBC road race, at 50+ she’s still got it!

Getting beat by roadie friend and training partner Carmen Small guest racing on the dirty side for our NoTubes Elite Women’s Team.

Having the WHOLE team (Nina, Zeph, Kathy, Kaila and me) in one place at a sweet house in Eagle, plus Jimmy, Kenny, Pepe Sherwin, almost all of Nina’s family and a friendly neighborhood cat.

Passing out more goodies from our awesome new sponsors : King Cage and Patagonia.

Having Kricket and Jimmy in the feed zone and being able to alert them to the fact that there was no air up there- the whole race loop was above 8000ft, power course NOT ! At least not at that altitude in my case.

Not quitting despite extreme suffering, because my teammate Zeph was sucking it up and racing with a scratched eyeball AND altitude sickness – not quitting.

Learning as a rookie team manager that no matter what, someone needs to be there for the protest period to make sure the results are correct – all that sucking it up by Zeph and no result because they didn’t see her ride through the finish chute.

Making group food and hanging out with good company, hearing stories of the early days from Jimmy Deaton and Kenny when they raced downhill on fully rigid bikes, elbows out, and 50 psi in their tires!

Did I mention I love my teammates?

We have the greatest sponsors- NoTubes goes above and beyond in providing us with the absolute best in industry technology. Our new Race Gold wheels feel just as stiff as the Crests, with super-light and fast rolling Ti hubs.

Schwalbe has dialed us in on the redesigned “tubeless ready” tires designed to spec for NoTubes rims. Inflatable with a hand pump, supple and grippy at 18psi, and not a burp! I totally geek out with excitement for this kind of brilliance in technology, design and execution, and feel very privileged to partake.

After the racing was over taking a ride together, getting skills pointers from our old school guys Jimmy and Kenny.

Walking the venue with Nina, Zeph and dogs watching the Teva Mountain Games water sports on the river. Observing the “other than bike racing crowd” like ET seeing Elliot for the first time.

After cooking, let the mixture rest until cool. Enjoy with a glass of wine. Refresh, refuel, repeat!

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