Pro Tour #1 Bonelli, CA

The Pro Tour started off pretty well for an early season race. Cross country I finished 9th and short track I finished 6th, passed in the last corner….uh, I could of had a podium.

I felt the pain on the short, but steep climbs and was reintroduced for the need of some great tactics.  I didn’t race this circuit last year, mostly did some local events where the field wasn’t very large.  It is a whole new ball park when there are women surrounding you and each and every one of them are out for blood.   Makes the event exciting and nerve racking all at the same time :)    I was glad that my Orbea Alma, Sram components and Stan’s wheels were right on par for both races.   Please see my  website  for more information.

Next stop, Pro Tour #2  Fontana, CA.  Talk to you then :)

Examiner: Tucson pro mountain bikers on the podium in season opener

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