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The idea for this column came about after talking with my Stan’s No tubes elite women teammates at the 2014 Whiskey Off road. I was laughing about how I spent my time all 110 minutes of it between arriving in Phoenix airport and meeting teammate Sarah tracking down the ‘family assist restroom’ so that I could pump in privacy.  No mean feat actually, I think they try to keep its existence a secret.

Shannon said ‘You should write about these things’.  I thought to myself – I am by no means a pro mum. However I have been an elite athlete for well over 20 years, travelled the world racing and worked in the airline industry. Yeah, I could share some fun tips.

For my initial post let’s enjoy my top three #promum tips.

Make friends with the Pros. Your mum friends who have several children. They have done it before and they will keep it real for you. Ride with them, ski with them, have coffee with them  and check in often.

My favorite #promumtips:

Missy: Only schedule one event (appointment, commitment, work meeting etc)  a day.  This is great advice. When I feel stressed it’s usually induced by me and usually because I have over committed.

My tip: avoid scheduling appointments during your babies nap time.

Embrace caregivers/babysitters or daycare.

Brian and I both need to work and contribute to our finances. For our own health, wellness and because of who we are we each need to exercise and train.

My favorite #promumtip:

Emma: Investing in daycare is a financial stretch yet it allows me to do my work then come home and be present and enjoy time with my child and my partner.

My comment: I couldn’t agree more. Saving money to be able to take Jade to daycare a few hours a few times a week is my priority. We are both happier and more relaxed  when Brian can have free time outside of his work and I can get my training and work done without asking too much of him.

Lately we have been taking her to our caregivers several mornings and riding together too.  It has been really great. It allows me to realize how much I like him!

Give yourself Grace.

I have struggled with all kinds of things around having a daughter and being a mother. Athletically I have had to trust that my technical skills will come back, my fitness will come back, and my body will be stronger.

My favorite Grandma reality checks moment.

Was during the drive home from our first race the 24hours in old Pueblo. Jade was 8 months old. I shared with Brian’s mum how I had talked to a friend when I was pregnant about how long it took her to race again. She’d said 5 months. At the time I’d thought 5 MONTHS really that long?!!

We laughed and laughed over the ridiculousness of my perceived time frame. For me.

This leads into a 4th #promumtip. Avoid comparison.

This is easier said than done. However I think it is really important. Feel admiration and inspiration for others achievements and celebrate with them.  Know that you will achieve your own goals. Recognize how our situations are all different and that we all have our own challenges to overcome.

#mypromumtip love yourself for your efforts and when you need to – seek out and talk with our #1promumtip friends and Dad.  Dad has excellent perspective.


Jade 014Jade was super stoked of our 12 hours of Mesa Verde accommodation. Playtime outside at the KOA and we didn’t have to drag all our stuff into a motel!






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