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Nina crushing the XC. Photo credit: Kenny Wehn

Colorado Pro XCT – Hot and High!

After some post TSE rest (read: getting sick, recovering, getting sick again and a round of anti-biotics) it was time to wind it up again. Nina, Vicki and I headed for Colo-RAD-bro for the final found of super-charged Pro XCT …


24 Hour Nationals Race Report

I’m home, the legs are recovered, I got to spend a great weekend camping with some of my favorite people out in the woods of western New Mexico, with a little bit of sweet singletrack riding thrown in. What could …

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Busy Month!

Hey Regan, want to race this weekend?  Sure!  ……What I didn’t tell him was that it was a 6 hour race First 6 Hours of Maple in Duncan was probably one of the harder races I’ve done in a long …

Pro Mum Tips

The idea for this column came about after talking with my Stan’s No tubes elite women teammates at the 2014 Whiskey Off road. I was laughing about how I spent my time all 110 minutes of it between arriving in Phoenix …

Vicki’s Spring East Coast Racing

The past two weekends of racing have seen the start of the Mid-Atlantic Super series (MASS). I usually try and race the first few races in the series as warm-up/preparation for my bigger target races. With my mountain bike season …

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