Intermountain Cup #8 – Logan, UT

I really like the Sherwood Hills race. It has tight and curvey singletrack in the trees, open fields to bomb down and short loops/laps. It is pretty darn fun race and I was looking forward to it…. until upon arrival I saw an AirMed Helicopter take off. Someone had a SERIOUS accident in the race before ours and was brought back to life by the graces of god and by the graces of those on scene immediately. My heart sunk.

I think I have been through enough at this point in my life where things like this just plain ole affect me because my heart aches for the person and their family. I couldn’t stop thinking of the man and his family and the (highy probable) LONG road to recovery they will all face together. I wish my mind didn’t go there but it does. I have a lot of empathy for people and it can really affect me sometimes.

After collecting my thoughts I started to get prepared for my own race. In getting prepared I am proud to announce that I decided to double my time of warming up…meaning I warmed up for 15 whole minutes today! That said, I am still under the the normal hour that I used to do by a looooong shot. I really have to get my act together.

The Sherwood Hills race is notoriously known for being a smaller race but that doesn’t mean the talent is any less. It also doesn’t mean that the course is any less fun! On the contrary it is a blast!

I hadn’t pre-ridden the course and was going off of memory which proved pretty obvious as I virtually stumbled my way around the first lap of the race on my bike. I was a total moron out there as I slid though the moon dust corners. Not so pro and pretty embarrassing actually. I kept telling myself to get my head in the dang game, Kathy!

I was leading the race but I surely wouldn’t be for long at this rate if I didn’t get it together!!! I wasn’t feeling the love today on the bike but you have those days and just have to get through them. I finally got it enough together to RACE the remaining laps putting myself in the pain cave as much as my body would let me.

Because I didn’t forget about what happened prior to my race, each time I went across the area I thought the accident happened I made it a point to say a prayer for our down fellow racer and his family. Going through those motions brought me some peace as well in my own life which was a nice feeling mid race. As each lap ticked away I continued to open a gap on the group which I kept until I crossed the line in first!! 2 wins in a row!!

Many many thanks to everyone who lends me a supporting hand to keep doing what I love!

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