Intermountain Cup #2 Race Report

Intermountain Cup #2 – St. George, UT

Driving down to race in a race when you haven’t trained in 4 months, just started a new fulltime job (after 6 years of no work and just racing!) while being in the middle of defining a “new normal” can leave one to wonder why the heck I wanted to race! Well the answer is that the passion to race is still VERY there and as life throws its darts I just continue to do my best to dodge them the best of my ability and make lemonade outta lemons. You do know how much lemonade I have stashed now right?! Haha.

I have been trying to adapt to the 8am-5pm lifestyle and will get it dialed in but for now I feel a bit out of sorts commuting, trying to make healthy dinners (or at this point….ANYTHING at all), getting normal stuff done while MAYBE squeezing in a ride. If I do actually get a ride it seems to become a recovery ride because I am trashed from learning the coolest job ever! I know, I know ALL of you do this every day too and you are all my heroes!!! It is quite the juggling act and I’m not sure how to fit it all in yet but I will get there! Adaptation to a “new normal” can take it out of you but I will prevail! It seems to be what I am good at doing.

If you haven’t heard, I had a GREAT job opportunity present itself at Deer Valley Resort in the Marketing Dept. and I had to go for it. I felt the stars aligning, dusted off my 12 year old resume, suffered through two interviews and beat the odds. I was hired as the new Tour and Travel/ International Coordinator and started 3 weeks ago. And as any job would have it, there is a lot to learn and adapt to. I work with a great crew half of which I already knew and hung out with and I am really excited to have been offered the job and work with my Deer Valley friends!!

As for expectations for the race? Who knew?? It was anyone’s guess as to how I was gonna do out there. Yeah, I have 10 years of racing in my legs – that’s good. Husband being diagnosed with Kidney Cancer in December – not so good. My emotional investment has gone into that which means Kathy rides when Kathy feels like it and if she doesn’t, she doesn’t. I don’t have enough in me at this moment to “make” myself ride/train every single day like I used to. And if I am out there riding there seems to be just a slim chance I am gonna “make” myself suffer since I am always tired these days from everything. I guess that is why I find myself racing. ….that is the only time I will go hard because you have to train it to have it and I want it!

Photo: Jenny Wade

It seems to be (I’m still making my way through this process) all about the feeling of being on the bike and just getting out and enjoying the fact that I can get out. Most importantly I am having fun on the bike during one of the hardest times in my life. If it’s one thing my parents death 2 years ago taught me it is that I need my bike to get through the tough times and it HAS to be fun otherwise I won’t want to ride at all and I don’t want that! Thankfully I have the support of good friends, family, supporters and of course my team, Stan’s NoTubes. Everyone has picked me up while I was down and that continues to light my fire as I am very grateful.

As for the race…..

It was the second Intermountain Cup race on a new St. George course which was really exciting. What made it even more exciting was that I got off work late Friday, drove down south, didn’t carbo load (again! Doh) and started the race on a course I had never seen. Yikes! The good news is that I have seen bits and pieces of the course here and there in the many years I have spent in St. George. That helped some.

I didn’t really warm up (I am getting into bad habits I think) and started the race strong leading the first lap. In fact, going at eyeballs popping out speed was the plan since I am doing the Cyclocross race at Sea Otter and need the intensity. I wanted to drill it for the first 45 minutes and then see how long I could hold it.

The course was pretty technical all the way around which kept it downright fun. As we all made our way up and over tricky ledges made out of slickrock I knew the rest of the pro women’s field was breathing down my neck. I was passed on the second lap, countered the move but couldn’t hold it. My body hasn’t seen high end like that since the last race a few weeks ago! No excuses though, what can I say….I am not training. I ride because I can right now and I race because it’s fun! Just to be out there and be competitive was satisfying enough although the win was haunting me because I really really wanted it! I did my best to keep the leader Erica in sight digging as far as my body would let me and I was able to keep the gap down to around 45 seconds taking second place!

Photo: Jenny Wade

And now the good news is that I have so much “recovery time” at work desk driving that I will be fresh again for the next race. Hahaha! This is all so new.

Next up is Sea Otter for the first edition of Cyclocross racing!!! I am not going to even begin to fathom how much that is going to hurt. Oh well, it is what it is and I am doing the best that I can right now. Just being out there representing is the best feeling in the world.

I cannot wait to see my team and my sponsors who have made everything possible and stood by me in the hardest of times. Thanks Stan’s NoTubes, Cannondale, AlpineOrthopaedics, Elete Electrolytes, Kenda, Adidas eyewear, Verge, Ergon, Fi’zi:k, Gu energy labs, Lazer helmets, Jet Black trainers, Crank Brothers, Light & Motion, Pro Gold lubricants, Genuine Innovations and Showers Pass!!!!!

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