Bad dress rehearsal = Great performance!!

In bike racing, the actual moments on the bike going fast are just the tip of the iceberg. Of equal importance to a great performance are all the details and actions that happen moments, days and weeks prior. After months of preparation, training, planning, and strategizing, the lens becomes more and more focused on the moments of the event. Good coaches recommend a routine for an athlete’s race preparation, which when repeated frequently, becomes automatic and effective. Good teams may run the same way, only with variables multiplied by racers.

Old Pueblo was our first run as a Team, my first run as a Team Manager and I am happy to say we all pulled it together, worked together and succeeded together. That makes me more proud than a Momma with a line of chicks in a Kauai parking lot! It was touch and go though, Friday. We had a slipping seatpost, found to be the wrong size. Solution: a new Thomson seatpost and a brother with a sawzall- power tools in the desert, yeah!  We had a blown pressfit bottom bracket bearing. Solution: trip through traffic with mechanic Alex and Feedback Sports stand to visit random bike shop after hours where the employees thankfully were still at the shop prepping their personal bikes for the race, yeah AZ Bicycle! We had a carload get routed from Durango to Phoenix then back to Tucson by Mapquest. Solution: uncheck the box that says major highways only! Better late than never. We had our solo SS racer Karen’s RV stuck in the sand and late for the Light & Motion photo shoot. Solution: burly friends! We had a blown alternator in the middle of nowhere AZ. Solution: rescue of Pete the mechanic by the Kenny/German caravan and a trip to Auto Zone! Once all those not so little details worked themselves out I found myself thinking, this is gonna be one heck of a good show!

I want to thank all the sponsors for getting product to us on time! Kurt and Mariola at Verge Sport executed our clothing. Lonnie at Orbea and Aaron at Sixty-five.12 Bicycles got us our beautiful new Almas.  NoTubes does absolutely the best wheels and sealant in the business (which is why I am so proud to represent). Jeff at Ergon expedited our sweet new grips, and Michael at Genuine Innovations provided our stylin’ PINK Big Airs! Heidi at Light & Motion styled us with Seca/Stella race bundles. I would like to thank Nina Baum, for her great wisdom and foresight in bringing brothers Baum, box truck and mechanic Alex. We blew through brake pads, bottom brackets and bonbons (plus a little Scotch) in the shelter of the box truck. Not midnight sleet nor gale force winds nor sandblast could overcome her womblike protection. I would like to thank Kathy Sherwin, for being the consummate professional and getting the job done with cheer and a smile (first time camping in a tent in 10 years, you go girl!), and for tweeting about it as she went. I would like to thank Kaila Hart, for being young and up for anything; and Zephanie for just plain riding fast for the women’s relay, and for her tireless work with sponsors. Sonntag on the coed team had fastest lap of the event, on the second morning even! Kenny, Phil and Dave all remained flexible to implement my scheduling efforts throughout the night to get the fastest laps with the most recovery for everyone. It is a great testament to the sport of cycling that masters racers like us keep getting faster, and keep showing up, bringing our kids and their bicycles to set an example.

I would also like to thank the cycling community for the intensely warm welcome this team has had during our birth. All along the way we have been received with gracious offers of assistance and encouraging words. Hopefully we do the industry proud and take our place among the working teams on the circuit. In the theater, just working IS success. To be a working actor or a working dancer means you have the opportunity to practice your art and hone your skills by doing your craft. It is my wish for this Team that we are a vehicle for the development and mentorship of world class bicycle racers, exemplifying good sportsman/sportswoman-ship, performing well and passing on accumulated wisdom to future generations. To that end we have chosen the Get Out! Programs as our development pathway, bridging the gap between parents getting a kid a bike, and kids becoming pro racers, or just becoming a cyclist for life.




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