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ProGold lube and bike care, have you tried it yet??  You need to!!



My favorite is the ProGold Extreme Chain Lube, pretty great product in my books.  After cleaning your bike with the ProGold Bike Wash and/or the ProGold citrus Pro Towels (like!!)…depending how muddy your bike is, dry the chain and coat with the new ProGold Extreme chain lube.  This stuff is pretty awesome as far as bike lube goes, easily the best product out there….but you have to use it right!  Put the lube on the chain and here’s the important part….leave it on the chain overnight!  In the morning wipe off the excess and go.  The ProGold Extreme is specially formulated for long distance riding in the most “extreme” conditions.  Cleaning and lubricating the chain as you ride, this stuff definitely “goes the distance”….okay, bad cliché but it’s true.


With all the dry cross racing so far this year I haven’t been able to put this product to its full capacity for cross season…yet.  Don’t just save the ProGold Extreme for nasty weather, it works great in the dry dust, keeping the chain a lot cleaner then some of those other lubes out there that pick us everything and the kitchen sink.  I did have the pleasure of riding the most heinously muddy Furious3 Fernie mountain bike stage race this past summer however and was amazed at just how well this product works…when I listened to directions!!!


Clean chain, apply lube the night before…AND LEAVE ON.  Amazing!

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