Louisville USGP

The last time I was here I drew a slightly better number. 


Even though drawing the second to last number each day (52 Sat and 53 Sun) is mathematically improbable, that was my lot this weekend. Racing at the back in Elite Women has become the norm for me for a few reasons. First, there’s no doubt I’ve begun slowing down with age. Second, the avoidance of UCI points in order to be eligible to compete in Masters Worlds means a reversal of the usual “points early and often” strategy which is so important in cyclocross- the closer to the front you start, the easier it is to move forward, or at least avoid all the mishaps in front of you which impede progress. The lack of a 40+ or 45+ women’s race, or something comparable to the super competitive men’s 35 plus race (90 men strong this weekend) means my choices are to downgrade to a Cat 2 or race in the back of Elite as I’ve been doing. Given that I’m committed to a certain amount of travel as Stan’s NoTubes Elite Cyclocross team director, I have the opportunity to enjoy the finest workouts money can buy, pacesetting courtesy the fast ladies at the front, Mlls. Compton, Gould, Nash et al. So this weekend, while teammate Mical got in last minute Canadian National Championship prep and Kenny got in another couple top 15 finishes in 35+, I concentrated on building my fitness.

We missed the cyclocross weather by a day, it is raining now on Monday after a beautiful Indian Summer weekend – 70 degrees and sunny in November! The race pace was probably as fast as any race could be, with great traction – thanks to Kenda Kommando and NoTubes Iron Cross wheels. The Ridley XFire disc bicycles with SRAM drivetrains, RotorBike cranks, Ritchey, Fizik and crankbrothers build performed flawlessly for yet another weekend thanks to Kenny. Our team continues to enjoy each other and build fitness for the end of season goals, Masters and Elite Worlds in January. Best of luck to Mical who has Nats next weekend in Vancouver! Thanks to all our sponsors who make this possible, we enjoy the best equipment and support in the cycling industry. And thanks to Joan Hanscom and the USGP series for putting international level cyclocross racing on the map here in the good ol’ US of A.


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