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beautiful Ohio Valley scenery out on course

Cincy3 Festival – Day 1 Covington, KY

I have never done a bigger travel day the day before a race. But there is a first time for everything especially when you decide to race only a week beforehand! And it seemed to work out. Even though the officials screwed up (big time) and called me up almost last to the back row, my legs actually felt good once we started. Wasn’t sure how that was possible but I was going with it because I had a lot of ground to make up from the back.

In order to execute my plan of getting to the front it would have helped immensely if I had actually stayed upright. I knew my legs were good and I knew that I had a lot of passing to do to get near the front the fastest I could and I tried to pass a swarm of girls in a muddy corner and took myself out – bad line. Off the back…. again! Sweet, only a few corners into a race and I am already chasing hard for the second time to get back in the mix.

The course was quite challenging today. It had 6-7 good sized power climbs in it followed by a super fast descent of some sort whether paved, fast grass or mucky mud. As I pushed forward the front of the race was gone and I had to salvage what I could. I worked my way back in it and would NOT allow anything less than a Top 10. 8th was going to have to do.

Cincy3 Festival – Day 2 Middleton, OH

Points fixed, apologies all around from the officials and a first row start. Ahhhh. Things were much better than yesterday already.

Today we were looking at a much flatter and super dry course. Off the line I was in the mix during this crit like race and continued to be for a few laps. After that I could see the power ahead of me pulling away one bike length at a time. That feeling sucks when you are at your max and have nothing more to give to get there.

Ok, change of plans I guess. A group of us came together at that point and we fumbled around playing cat and mouse in 7th – 10th positions. It was really fun having to put that much thought into what was now REALLY going to be a tactical race. Everyone kept me going as we tried to shed and shred one another each remaining lap. I played my cards decently and got 8th again.

My K-Edge Chain Catcher certainly did its job more than once at critical moments to help me place 8th too! Without that chain guard to keep the chain from coming off I would have certainly found myself down a few places. Thanks K-Edge!

Cincy3 Festival – Day 3 Cincinnati, OH

Funny, I have never raced cross 3 days in a row. Luckily they are only 40 minute pop your eyeballs out kind of efforts at sea level so recovery is possible. The course today was a good mix of everything we had the last few days. Hills, sand pits, fast long descents, flat sections, off camber slick sections and mud bogs galore separated by fast and dry wooded areas. It was interesting how diverse the area was.

After getting a good solid warm up in, I thought I was ready to go. Well, I actually was but within the first few turns in the mud pit I decided to take a line that had a tree at the end of it. For real Kathy? Seriously? Remember that thing called “looking ahead” in order to identify the line you would like to take? Guess not. And because of it the race went on as I lay in the mud pit looking at the sky. I think I would have been better off just having a spa day in that mud pit but stubborn ole me still decided to hop on my beautiful Ridley X Fire bike that was now caked in mud and race from the back…….for the second…wait, third time this weekend. Bye bye front group! Have a nice race! I’ll just be cleaning up my own mess for the next 39 minutes!

And, off I went. I was REALLY down on myself and was completely unsure of why I had done what I had done as far as crashing goes this weekend. Those thoughts had to go in and out of my head ASAP though because I needed to settle into a good (positive) train of thought. I somehow mustered up the strength to limp my brain along and my body seemed to follow. While trying to make up ground I was not having the worse day I have ever had in my life, it just wasn’t a good one. Maybe I would describe it as “Meh”. But my Kenda Kommando tires were at least having a good day hooking up on everything as I navigated them forward through the field!! I settled into a good rhythm and let the legs do the talking instead of my brain and I ended up in 10th.

3 Top 10’s for the weekend, a rest week coming up and a completely different weekend in Louisville is next. There is no trying, just doing. It will be different!!

Last weekend was really special with lots of support from the Stan’s NoTubes crew. We were lucky to have Rich, Bob and Garrett from Stan’s NoTubes to help us out the whole weekend. Everyone was so helpful and by Sunday we had things dialed! Thanks to Garrett for washing bikes WILLINGLY all weekend long and thanks to Bob and Rich for keeping things humming along while we prepared for our races each day. It was a special thing to have you all there!

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