Hard day at Ohio Valley Cross

Some days make you wonder if you are living right. Today the whole team got the shaft as both Kathy and Jake were not given call up until the back row, and my results were incorrect with the last riders pulled getting results in front of me. I am trying to get no points and expect to get a back row start, but finding Kathy next to me on the start was unusual and just plain wrong. I had a good start, working my way up to the top 12, until Kathy came by me and did a yard sale in the mud pit. I did my best to bail before hurting her or our bikes, but our wallow left us off the back together in kind of a big way. Well, there’s nowhere but forward to go from the back, and needing a hard bike ride I made my way through the oxygen rich air trying to make muscles and ground. Effort ended with getting pulled with 1 to go, probably because of scheduling concerns with the elite men’s start time rather than danger of being caught by the leaders. Kathy however was able to use her superior horsepower to work her way up to an 8th place finish. Way to go and aargh! That’s racin’, the good the bad and the ugly…

Kathy with her game face on, ready to go.

Jake had similarly poor luck as his call up left him behind a crash at the start. He got up to go and was tangled in course tape so badly he had to extract himself for quite a little while, leaving him off the back in kind of a big way.

Jake trying to catch the field after a start chute crash and course tape entanglement

Impressively he made his way into the top 15 when he was pulled with 4 to go. Frustrating because if he made up that much ground from being otb he most certainly could have worked his way into the top 10 if he had had the chance. We as a team stayed to inquire about call up and protest results, so Stan’s NoTubes Elite Cyclocross Team will have a better day tomorrow!

Riches pitting and looking pretty doing it!

Much thanks to our stellar support from Bob and Rich and Cindy and Stan and Mike and everyone else at Stan’s NoTubes

Stan's NoTubes sweet venue setup!

who support us and fuel our passions for cutting edge technology. Come by Stan’s Sprinter and check out a wheelset- ride, enjoy and share the love. Or just come say hi and let us show you how easy it is to set up Stan’s Alpha wheels and to ride the way clinchers were meant to be ridden!

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