End of the World Championships and Season Recap



With the USA getting on the same schedule as Europe for Cyclocross Nationals and Worlds, we had the longest season ever! Cyclocross used to be an in-betweener sport and a way to keep fit in the winter months between finishing and starting road or mtb race season. Now we have dedicated ‘cross racers, concentrating on getting fit in the fall and peaking in January for National and World Championships. The points race begins in September and finishes in February. And then mountain bike season starts! As I wrap my head around being in the Tucson desert in 12 days racing mountain bikes, I’ll take some time to share highlights of the last week of cross- Louisville 2013 Masters and Elite World Championships.



Highlights: Stan’s NoTubes Elite Team Mical Dyck wins Canadian National Champs and rides the IronCross disc tubeless wheel to Elite World Champs. The ‘Big Show” is held in Louisville KY first time ever outside of Europe. Racers staff and promoters endure snow, flood, tornado, ice and of course MUD! USA and Joan Hanscom and Louisville pull it off in style!


Stan’s Elite Cyclocross Team founding members Kenny Wehn and I race to 10th and 2nd respectively in the Masters World Champs. Frozen power washers and peanut butter mud reward the efforts of our well oiled staff Richie Rich and Regan Pringle. Teammate Jake Wells occupies the podium in 3rd at Masters Nats for 35+, and I take the jersey in 45+.



Stan, Cindy, Mike, Riches and the gang again make tubeless history presenting the Iron Cross and Alpha wheels as the industry vanguard. Where Stan’s mountain bike wheels were 10 years ago before becoming ubiquitous on the Pro MTB Circuit once again we are pressing the edge forward. Super low weight, low pressures with the accompanying traction, no more pinch flats, and reliable sealant trademark the system which enables tire changes right up to race start time. Kenda Tire stomps the field with a super reliable bead and tractor like traction from the Kommando and Kwicker tread designs chosen by the team.



Thank you to all the sponsors who make us possible: Stan’s NoTubes, Ridley USA, Kenda, Verge Sport, Enduro Bearings, SRAM NRS, Lazer, adidas Eyewear, Fizik, RotorBike USA, Ritchey Logic, GU Energy, K-Edge, TRP Brakes, crankbrothers, Showers Pass, ProGold Lubricants and elete Electrolyte.


See you out there!

Gallery of Photos by Kenny Wehn

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