Dry weather and power courses this season – can we please have some mud?

RidleyUSA in the OC

When I won Masters Nationals in Kansas City, it was the week of an ice storm that had blanketed Colorado and the plains of Kansas. The course was slick mud with lots and lots of ruts, the temps hovered near freezing. The last couple years in Bend for Nats Nature has provided wet and cold for our fun and enjoyment as well. This year, other than the USGP Madison, a day at Ft. Collins (and JingleCross which I missed) the weather has been dry and for the most part warm! While I appreciate the opportunity to work on building muscles and power at low altitude, I’m hoping for a bit of luck with some Belgian weather to go with our BelgianXFire bikes. Light, strong and nimble these bikes along with ourAlpha Pro wheels wearing Kenda clinchers are perfect for grinding through the mud!

Here are some links to photos from the team :
Kathy on the podium with Chinese Dragon Dancers http://velonews.competitor.com/2011/12/cyclocross/2011-cxla-day-1-a-corey-keizer-gallery_199134/attachment/_dsc5580

Kenny on the flyover with mariachis in LA
Kenny suffering in the elite race after podiums in the masters races http://velonews.competitor.com/2011/12/cyclocross/2011-cxla-day-2-a-corey-keizer-gallery_199223/attachment/it-was-a-fast-race-again-today

And a shout out goes to Corey Keizer for these photo galleries in Velonews!

For now we are hanging in LA, enjoying the warm weather and sunshine, and resting hard. Thanks again to our sponsors who make these races possible, and see you next weekend in Bend!

Recovering on the Strand

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