Quick and Dirty

The quick and dirty update….requested from Regan, nagged by Regan, pestered by Regan…that I update from the weekend. Haha, okay, not that bad All this overtime is taking it’s toll on my system and it’s taking a lot longer then […]

Rolling Into the Top 15 & onto Good Form

A report on the Colorado Classic and Boulder Cup from Jake and the SufferFest Sports blog Due to recent flooding in Boulder and the upcoming National Championships being hosted at Valmont Bike Park both races this past weekend had some […]

Cross is On a Roll

From Mical’s blog Oh my goodness, do I have a couple of races to tell you about! Now that we are a quarter of the way through the season, it’s more then time to do some recaps. Starting the season […]

China CX

When I first heard that China was going to host their first every UCI cross race I disregarded it as I thought that there wasn’t anyway I could get it to work with my current race schedule or race budget […]

CrossVegas Report

After making a couple of quick appearances at the show on Wed morning I was off to the Dessert Breeze Soccer complex for what promised to be the biggest and best CrossVegas ever. Brook Watts has done a great job […]

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