Yana Belomoina Wins Round 3 of the UCI World Cup!

From our friends at the Superior Brentjens Team

15 June 2013, Val di Sol, Italy

With two 3rd places at the previous World Cups in Albstadt Germany and Nove Mesto Czech Republic already, today the highest step on the podium belong to Superior Brentjens rider Yana Belomoina. The start of the U23 women was at nine in the morning. With the sun coming out early it promised to be another warm day in Italy. One start loop and 5 laps were waiting for the U23 women. Superior Brentjens rider Yana Belomoina with start number 1 and Anne Terpstra with start number 4 were at front row and both had a good start, going into the first lap in 3rd and 5th position. Andrea Waldis took the lead followed by Yana Belomoina while Anne Terpstra was riding in the group from 4th through 6th position. In the second lap Yana Belomoina took over the lead and was 25 seconds ahead of Rebecca Henderson (AUS) at the big climb on the track. Every lap she took more time on Rebecca Henderson, eventually winning her first World Cup this season. Anne Terpstra also had her best result in the World Cup Series this season with a 5th place.

1. Yana Belomoina (UKR)
2. Rebecca Henderson (AUS)
3. Andrea Waldis (SUI)
5. Anne Terpstra (NED)

After 3 rounds of the UCI World Cup Series, Yana Belomoina is currently 2nd and Anne Terpstra 7th.

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