World Cup #5 Mont St. Anne

From our friends on the Feenstra-Felt Team

Ruben Scheire went to Canada looking to maintain his overall World Cup ranking. He put in an incredible effort to do just that. It looks like Ruben is on a way back to top-class level, like he showed last year.

A stronger start and more solid performance late in the race are signs that Ruben is again on form.

In Mont St. Anne the U23 men started on Saturday evening. Ruben started in 24th position, so he had to push himself to hold his position and move up quickly. This he did, working his way up to 12th. Just in front of him, eventual race winner Adam Cooper from New Zealand attacked and got some advantage on his fellow riders. Ruben, however, stood his ground and in the final lap forced himself to another level and took another four places.

He rolled over the finish 8th. After the finish Ruben said:

ā€œIā€™m very happy with this result and my 8th position here. I am glad we made this trip and it was a blast riding here on one of my favorite mountain bike tracks.
I rode the Felt Edict Nine. After all the track modifications this was a good choice. The full suspension bike handled the rocky sections perfectly as well as the tricky downhills.ā€

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