Tough Day at XTerra World Championships

Three weeks before the XTERRA World Championships (Maui, Hawaii) Jim Thijs crashed his mountainbike on a volcano while training in Lanzarote. He suffered from a brain concussion and a whiplash. Jim tried to continue training, but he arrived in Maui feeling very weak and ill. He decided to start anyway, but quickly realized that he had to go very slow to make sure he got to the finish line. “The heat and the bright light were killing me but I assumed that if I continued at a slow endurance pace without pushing myself to the limit I would be able to finish the race. However, I have no memory of the last mile of the race and woke up in the medical tent. I found out that I finished the race because of the help of other participants who carried me at some parts of the last mile. Luckily I recovered quickly and I didn’t damage my body even more.”

Jim is forced to take a longer than usual off-season break to make sure he’s 100% healthy before he starts training again for the 2014 race season. Jim wants to thank his family, friends and sponsors for their support this year and definitely these last weeks. He’s planning on coming back even stronger in 2014!

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