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TSE Should be on EVERY “To Do” list – VID: Summer Camp for Mountain Bikers

The Video Update from Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic

2013 Registration OPEN

Head over to REGONLINE to get signed up: http://www.regonline.com/tsepic2013

Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic

Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic 2012 from Dirt Rag Magazine on Vimeo.

Local Aaron Snyder Aiming for 2012 TSEpic Podium

Every locale has its fast local mountain biker; Virginia has Jeremiah Bishop, Utah has Jason Sager and Oregon had Adam Craig. In the Mid Atlantic, we have Aaron Snyder. And he wants to rip your legs off. Okay, maybe that’s a little harsh, but this unknown local has been making a name for himself in the last several years, and has no plans on stopping. Having shredded in Belgium with the U23 National Team, devastated the competition in every local XC race and toed the line in his fair share of solo 24-hour races, he is slowly catching on to the stage-race phenomenon- and couldn’t have picked a better time. As a recent State College transplant, Snyder can step outside his door, strap on his helmet and be on TSEpic soil in 15 minutes… by bike. He says it’s easy to get to the trails, but almost impossible to ride anything less than three hours- something he doesn’t consider a bad thing. The draw of the State College MTB mecca is something that initially piqued his interest in the area, and now that he has settled in since moving to town late last summer, Snyder doesn’t want to leave. Personally, …

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