R2R – Gulf Coast Challenge Day 2

  February 27, 2013  GULF COAST CHALLENGE DAY 2 Day 2  Gulfport to Mobile   The ride and the temperature heated up a bit as day 2 got underway. The current day warriors got a chance to visit the official
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Alpha 340 Wheelset an Outside Magazine Top Product of 2012

What’s your team going to be riding in 2013? Tubeless is proving a big advantage to a lot of teams, and word is starting to get around. Check out Outside Magazine’s 11 Best Products of 2012 and you’ll find our
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Notubes Xterra athlete Jim Thijs hangs tough in Maui

Jim Thijs had a disappointed result at the XTERRA World Championship in Maui last weekend. He finished in 26th position, far from his normal level. “I came to this race in excellent form, it’s the World Championship after all. But
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A Month of Marathons And the Joy of Racing with Low Cortisol Levels – Gretchen Reeves

  I do not like stress.  Period.  My motto for this year has been “keep the cortisol levels low” in all aspects of life.  Cortisol is a hormone that is regularly secreted from our adrenal glands.  In times of heightened
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Pic Brewing / MTBRaceNews.com Team Update

Greetings! 2012 has been a productive year for the Epic Brewing/ MTBRaceNews.com team. Thanks to our terrific sponsors this season has been a fantastic success and there is more to come.                             The Team Continues on Hot Streak: 37 Podium
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