Krista Park – Acromioclavicular joint (AC) separation and World Cup XC races

A lot has happened since the last post, basically I had a horrible cold for 3.5 weeks which overlapped with a significant injury which has resulted in a total of 4 missed (or may have well missed) races and almost 2 months of serious training. It is h…

a pair of Kendas – Mike and Mary. The European journey continues

The Black Forest, Germany.We pulled into the latest desolate campground after picking up on a strong WIFI signal and even though the laundry facilities have yet to be switched on for the season we really needed to spend a couple days in one place train…

MASS #2, the Michaux Trail Cup – Gerry Pflug

This past weekend I raced at the second Mid-Atlantic Super Series Endurance Race, the Michaux Trail Cup. I figured doing a tough and technical race in Michaux would also be a good gauge of my fitness with the first race of the NUE Series, the Cohutta …

Let’s go racing!

The Epic Team is gearing up for the opening race of the Warriors Cycling – Rocky Mountain Endurance Series this weekend in Pueblo! A standard of Colorado endurance mountain bike racing, The Warriors Cycling-Rocky Mountain Endurance (RME) series kicks off this weekend, April 21, with the 2nd annual Voodoo Fire at Lake Pueblo State Park in Pueblo.  The Epic Endurance Cycling Team will be again sending a fleet of motivated athletes to the Voodoo Fire and subsequent events, which include the Ridgeline Rampage (May 5 at the Ridgeline Open Space in Castle Rock), the popular Battle the Bear (May 19 at Bear Creek  [ Read More ]

Sells Getting it Done at the Rumble at 18 Road

Epic racer Brian Sells continued to show his strong early season form at the Rumble at 18 Road in Fruita Colorado! Sells an endurance specialist, showed his diversity and form by rolling to a third place finish in the Cat 1 cross country race! Next up on the race schedule for the Epic Team is VooDoo Fire on Saturday, April 21. 2012 in Pueblo, CO. This is the first race in the Rocky Mountain Endurance Series that we will be racing throughout the season! This is a great series, check it out at!  

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