Gerry PFug-Southern Hospitality

By now, I’m pretty sure everyone knows how much fun I’m having at the Pisgah Stage Race. But, what you probably don’t know is how incredible the support is at this race. Not only are the race promoter and his staff going the extra mile to make this eve…

Marathon Nationals wins on Race Golds- Craig- 1, Decker- 2

Michal Prokop is the FourCross World Champion on Flow rims…His third time! Congrats to Michal.

Dear friends, 2003 in Lugano… 2006 in Rotorua… Yesterday in Champery… MICHAL PROKOP IS THE FOURCROSS WORLD CHAMPION! FOR THE THIRD TIME!!! First time on Tune Twenty4 amazing wheels. Five times on the World Champs podium, two World Cup overall
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Gerry Pflug-Better Than Work! In Pisgah staging it out.

….Yep, racing bikes on a Tuesday is much better than going to work, especially when the trails I’m riding on happen to be some of the best in the world. Pisgah is an incredible place. The climbs and descents are endless and there is just so much vari…

Transition Factory Racing, Jill Kintner with the womens National DH and Dual Slalom titles.

  RELEASE DATE: (9/26/11) SOURCE: TRANSITION BIKES Transition Factory Racing’s Jill Kintner takes Womens National Downhill and Dual slalom titles! Words by Jill Kintner. Got it done this weekend in the mud! National Champion for both Downhill and Slalom. Nice way
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