Mike and Mary-Derrailed for a few weeks

When your first stop is the pharmacy upon entering the host town on a world cup weekend, you really just have to go into the experience just hoping for the best.   Mary and I opted for the shopping cart over the hand basket as we loaded up on Fren…

O’Deas take 2 podium spots at the Cascade Cream Puff 100

13.07.2011 July 9, 2011 Oakridge, Oregon, USA The Cascade Creampuff 100 in Oakridge, OR was held under perfect conditions with temps in 70s and blue skies. Namrita & Eddie O’Dea were on hand to challenge themselves with some of the
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Topeak Ergon at the Firecracker 50

Firecracker 50   July 4, 2011 Breckenridge, Colorado, USA   The Firecracker 50 is a true Colorado classic.  This 50-mile race takes on some of the greatest high alpine trail that Colorado has to offer.  Drawing thousands of racers and
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Team Jamis-BC Bike Race wrap up

Lots to say about the BC Bike Race – its one of our favorite races of the year. Each event has its own flavor, but BCBR is all about reward – amazing trails, intense competition, and unlike some races…even if you’re having a tough go of it, you’re still racing and riding on, in my opinion, the best trails on the planet.
Race reports are a-plenty, but the team rode great – Blake Harlan taking a solid 5th overall on the solo GC, and Sager finishing 2nd on GC with 3 …

Rotem of Team Jamis chimes in-World Cups and World tour

Rotem Checks in from his World Tour

From the east coast of U.S. to the west coast of Israel

When traveling for a long time away from home for races (on my third week already), it’s always
a bit harder to find myself “feeling at home” – while living out of a suitcase, not having all the
stuff, equipment, tools, clothes, travel food, packing and unpacking constantly, you get the
point… yet I’ve been living the good life with the Wells family in Ulster Park, NY. Getting some
good east coast riding with Todd and Troy …

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