From the blog of Team Jamis at Cape Epic TT, Stage 4

Ever tried to solve a “mental puzzler” while at 180 bpm?

With only about 20min left of Stage 4′s TT, Ben’s spare tube came un-taped from his saddle and fell into his cogs on a pedally downhill. In a brilliant piece of skill and ingenuity, the tube looped tightly around the gears, took some chain with it (chain forward of the gears?), and had no exposed ends from which to unravel it. Without a knife, we were sort of baffled with where to start on unraveling the green monster. Maybe a …

Oli beckingsale

Hello All Road racing- I am a moutain biker at heart and by trade. But sometimes a good road race can be put a smile on my face or provide an excellent training session. With this in mind I raced
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PEZ Talk: American Crit Specialist Clayton Barrows

PezCycling News interview with NOTUBES AXA Elite road time.

Jim Thijs Xterra Triathlete

NOTUBES Sponsored Xterra Pro Video

Epic Endurance In

We made it into  Click on the image below to read the full article.

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